Topher Paule
Partner / Creative Director

Topher Paule is a creative designer with over fifteen years experience in agencies of varying sizes, disciplines, and industries. He has worked with clients from multi-national pharmaceuticals and global food/beverage companies to non-profit organizations, and local businesses. 

Topher believes that each project deserves a focused and on-target product designed to fit the client’s needs and objectives. Solid visual design is the best of modern communication and storytelling.

Jeannette Paule
Partner / Producer / Writer

Jeannette is a producer and writer with twenty years of experience in the creative industries. Starting out as a television coordinator, she worked on many productions in management and business capacities, always keeping a keen eye to story. With producer skills in place, Jeannette set out to establish herself as a key creative driven by narrative and message. 

A pen and a camera are Jeannette’s weapons of choice. She believes stories change the world – finding the best way to tell the right story is all the fun.