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VAGKRAFT is Canada’s premiere Volkswagen and Audi car show. This sample is one of nineteen vehicle profiles created for the 2014 show year.

Written by Jeannette Paule; Photography by Tyler Lenc; Photo editing by Topher Paule

The Daily That Didn’t Stop (Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop)

There are some cars that stand out for their excellence no matter the venue. VAGKRAFT’s MK4 Mod2 class winner is one of those vehicles. Ryan’s MK4 Jetta is taking home awards everywhere it goes. It is a consistent winner at VAGKRAFT; Best MK4 at Eurokracy; Best Interior at Jitterbug; booth car for Bag Riders at Waterfest; and a member of 2LoCrew.

This silver Jetta was originally a daily driver until Ryan started bolting things on, and couldn’t stop. Now the mod list is longer than my arm, and the accolades keep rolling in.

The spark of genius for this Jetta can be found in the subtle way it all comes together. While heavily modded, it maintains a clean look inside and out. The CCW wheels, with brushed anodized faces, add flair of motion and complexity to the overall sleekness. Tinted windows are the only darkness to be found on the exterior.

Inside, the same low-key style gets amped up. Black and silver alternate throughout the interior. The black, .:R32 dash, with conveniently mounted boost and EGT gauges, flows into the silver highlights on the MK7 R-Line steering wheel, stereo console, and shift boot surround.

The pièce de résistance is the diamond-stitched leather throughout the car. Reminiscent of the Audi R8, quilted leather upholstery can be found in all the right spots – the door panels, and back deck – without feeling overdone. Custom made, the black leather seats are finished with silver thread, tying the interior and exterior together beautifully.

The Most Unique feature in this vehicle is the TDI. While most do a 1.8 Turbo, Ryan kept the diesel, a rare choice. Combine that with the CAT yellow paint details in the engine bay, and the sheer spotless state the of the car, we can all see why Ryan is a multiple winner at almost every VW/Audi, or Eurocar event on the East Coast.

While this Jetta continues to take awards, it’s not just about winning. Ryan’s dedication to the car and the VW mod community is something we love. Every year unique new additions happen to the car, but beyond that, Ryan puts himself out there, often performing as volunteer judge at VAGKRAFT and Waterfest. What started out as a daily-driver has been transformed into a completely lust-worthy package. And the driver’s a nice guy too.

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